Hard 2 face reality

hard 2 face reality

Who is the singer of Hard 2 Face Reality?

Hard 2 Face Reality is a song recorded by American record producer Poo Bear, featuring vocals from Canadian singer Justin Bieber and American rapper Jay Electronica. The three artists wrote the song with Dan Kanter and Kenneth Coby, the former of which produced the song with Poo Bear.

What happened to the Justin Bieber song Hard 2 Face Reality?

“Hard 2 Face Reality” is a song of Justin Bieber featuring Poo Bear. It was released on Justins soundcloud. There is a full version of this song that was played on Dash Radio in 2014. Poo Bear would release the full version on his mixtape on November 2, 2017 as his wife confirmed it. In 2017 the song was removed from SoundCloud.

Is Poo Bear’s “Hard 2 Face Reality” about Justin Bieber?

Beginning 2018 Beats 1 confirmed “Hard 2 Face Reality” would release as a single by Poo Bear featuring Justin Bieber, and additionally Jay Electronica. It serves as the lead single for album “Poo Bear Presents Bearthday Music”.

Is it the right thing to reach out to reality?

It wasn’t the right thing, but sometimes it’s hard to face reality. A lot of times when I’m creating, it’s from my imagination and it’s me reaching from feelings that I had before, or feelings that could possibly happen.

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