How does WhoScored work?

At whoscored, our experts perform in-depth analysis of home/away records of both the sides to determine the potential outcome of the match. A significant percentage of the time the home team is likely to win without concern that they are facing – even a technically much superior side.

How does WhoScored make predictions?

Our experts at whoscored have access to this data and can make accurate predictions based on it. The simple principle is that if there is trend in the outcome of matches between two sides, it is expected that the upcoming match is also going to follow this trend.

How do the experts at WhoScored evaluate a match?

The experts at whoscored also evaluate the playing style on both the sides. While the playing style is unique to most leagues, they can significantly different between teams in the same league. If both the sides are defensive, the match is more likely to end in a draw or be a low-scoring match

What is the success rate of tipsters at WhoScored?

Our community of experienced tipsters has built a reputation and record for making tips with very high success rates. All our top ranking tipsters have success rates of over 86%, ensuring that you win on a consistent basis. So how do we at whoscored make our winning soccer predictions?

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