Ai wei wei

ai wei wei

How old is Ai Weiwei?

... (Show more) Ai Weiwei, Wade-Giles romanization Ai Wei-wei, (born May 18?, 1957, Beijing, China), Chinese artist and activist who produced a multifaceted array of creative work, including sculptural installations, architectural projects, photographs, and videos.

Why is Ai Weiwei important to China?

Ai Weiwei emerged as a vital instigator in Chinese cultural development, an architect of Chinese modernism, and one of the nations most vocal political commentators. Ai Weiwei encapsulates political conviction and his personal poetry in his many sculptures, photographs and public works.

Why did Ai Weiwei go into exile?

When Ai Weiwei was only one year old, his family was sent to a government labour camp on the grounds that his father, a noted poet, was producing right-wing work. Ai therefore lived in exile for most of his childhood, before returning to Beijing as a young man.

What happened to Ai Wei Weis father?

Ais father was the Chinese poet Ai Qing, who was denounced during the Anti-Rightist Movement. In 1958, the family was sent to a labour camp in Beidahuang, Heilongjiang, when Ai was one year old. They were subsequently exiled to Shihezi, Xinjiang in 1961, where they lived for 16 years.

What has been the reaction to these comments in Germany? “When I chat like this, it is only because journalists ask me and I have to answer,” says Ai. “The German response was very heavy, very dark – a form of ‘love it or leave it’, or ‘go back to China’ . Or the more intellectual was: ‘Oh, it’s only a few taxi drivers.

Why is Ai Weiwei making objects closer to the eye larger?

What happened to Ai Weiwei?

Ai Weiwei On His Fathers Exile — And Hopes For His Own Son : Consider This from NPR In 2011, influential Chinese artist and activist Ai Weiwei was secretly detained by Chinese authorities.

Why is Ai Weiwei in exile in Portugal?

Even before his fame landed him the design job working with the Swiss architectural firm Herzog & de Meuron, Ai had been an unrelenting critic of the Chinese Communist Party. He was jailed in 2011 in China for unspecified crimes and now lives in exile in Portugal.

What is Ai Weiwei’s book about?

His memoir - “1000 Years of Joys and Sorrows” - was published last year and details the overlap of his life and career with that of his father Ai Qing, a famous poet who was sent into internal exile in 1957, the year Ai Weiwei was born.

What is Ai Weiweis nationality?

Ai Weiwei (Chinese: 艾未未; pinyin: Ài Wèiwèi, English pronunciation: (help·info); born 28 August 1957) is a Chinese contemporary artist and activist. Ai grew up in the far north-west of China, where he lived under harsh conditions due to his fathers exile . [1]

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