Marshall minor iii

marshall minor iii

Is the Marshall minor III worth it?

Bottom line: With excellent sound quality, decent battery life, and pretty good call quality, the Marshall Minor III has a solid foundation. Unfortunately, they seem to slip out of ears a little easier than is ideal and their touch controls arent up to snuff versus the competition.

Are Marshalls minor III earbuds good?

Marshall Minor III are open-fit earbuds like AirPods (the design is so similar), and they sound pretty good to my ear, but there are just a few too many comprises that make their price tag a little hefty.

Are minor III headphones wireless?

Minor III brings you unrivalled Marshall signature sound without any extra clutter. These headphones do all the heavy lifting for you, so all you have to do is pair with your device and play. Minor III is truly wireless, giving you the absolute freedom of listening without wires, while delivering the same powerful audio.

Should you buy the Marshall minor III or the AirPods 2?

Due to its design, its easy to point to the AirPods 2 as a direct competitor to the Marshall Minor III. However, since the AirPods 3 launched, the AirPods 2 have gone down to the same price - $129 - and although they dont quite sound as good, they have all the Apple magic that makes the AirPods so great to iPhone users.

Are Marshall’s Minor III wireless earbuds any good?

There are three basic criteria any pair of wireless earbuds should have: they should fit well, sound good, and battery life should be decent. Marshall’s Minor III wireless earbuds sound okay, but fail at everything else.

How much does the Marshall minor III cost?

The Marshall Minor III can be purchased for $129 exclusively from Marshall. It is only sold in one color: Black. Inside the box comes a wireless charging case, USB-C charging cable, and quick start guide.

Is the Minor III worth it at $129?

For $129, the Minor III tries to sell you on audio quality and appearance, but also neglects other key areas to justify its high-for-entry-level asking price. Purchasing these buds will get you better sound and touch controls than the AirPods, plus they are more attractive and durable.

Does the Marshall minor III have noise cancellation?

What’s infuriating is that Marshall does make an app, the Marshall Bluetooth app, but it’s only for its pricier $199 Motif A.N.C. earbuds. Noise cancellation is a feature we’re starting to see in more earbuds within the $100-150 range — hello OnePlus Buds Pro. Hell, even the $99 Nothing Ear (1) buds have ANC. But there’s no ANC in the Minor III.

Are Marshall minor III earbuds good for phone calls?

Another great strength is the call quality. Each earbud of the Marshall Minor III has a microphone located at the bottom of the stem, and I made quite a few calls with these earbuds and have always been impressed. Whether it was a phone call via my iPhone or a meeting in Google Meet on my iMac, I was always coming through loud and clear.

What kind of Bluetooth does the Minor III support?

The Minor III includes aptX and SBC codecs over the newest Bluetooth 5.2. Interesting is the lack of AAC support for iPhone users, a codec that’s bog-standard these days. iPhone users will have to make do with the lesser SBC performance with their devices. To contrast, Android users get to enjoy the consistent quality from aptX.

Do minor III earbuds have an IPX4 rating?

The Minor III earbuds sit very precariously at the base of your ear canals. Smiling broadly or tilting my head, I can feel the buds inch out before I press them back in. It seems slightly odd then that these earbuds, which fall out when you sit still, have been certified with an IPX4 rating.

How do I connect the Marshall minor III to my phone?

Using the Marshall Minor III is super easy. You pop the lid, press and hold the button on the bottom of the case until the light flashes blue to initiate pairing, and finally select it on your device. You don’t get the frills of any apps, or even any variously sized ear tips.

But for its latest products, the $129 Minor III and $199 Motif ANC, Marshall has chosen to reinterpret two of Apple’s most popular gadgets: The now more affordable $129 AirPods and the $249 AirPods Pro. Did Marshall find a way to upstage Apple’s act, or should you stick with the originals?

What is the difference between Marshall minor III and AirPods?

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