Xiaomi m11 ultra

xiaomi m11 ultra

What makes the Xiaomi Mi 11 ultra so special?

The Mi 11 Ultra is more than just an epic movie camera. It is an ultra-high-end flagship in other aspects as well with outstanding performance, display, battery life and sound quality Mi 11 Ultra is the first smartphone to feature a solid-liquid-gas phase cooling system. The thermal conductivity is improved by 100% compared to thermal paste.

Is the Xiaomi Mi 11 the fastest phone on the market?

The Mi 11 series is one of the fastest phones you can get on paper thanks to the addition of the Snapdragon 888 chipset. This is the most cutting-edge Android phone processor on the market right now and the base Mi 11 aced synthetic benchmarks, delivering similar results as the Galaxy S21.

Is the Galaxy S21 better than the Xiaomi Mi 11?

It doesn’t have the latest flagship processor, 8K recording, and ultra-fast charging, but it has a couple of advantages over the S21 and base Mi 11. These advantages include a more flexible camera arrangement in theory (thanks to a proper telephoto camera) and microSD expansion.

What do the mi 11 Ultra and OnePlus 9 Pro have in common?

Meanwhile, the Mi 11 Ultra and OnePlus 9 Pro share a number of features, such as a QHD+ 120Hz screen, high resolution main/ultrawide cameras, and water resistance.

What does the Xiaomi Mi 11 ultra look like?

The Xiaomi Mi 11 Ultra has the exact same display as the ‘vanilla’ Mi 11 – it’s a 6.81-inch smartphone-screen powerhouse, curved at the edges, with a cut-out for the front camera in the top-left corner. At that size, the phone has one of the biggest displays we’ve seen on a phone; its not just ‘Ultra’ in name.

Which Xiaomi phone should you buy in 2021?

The Mi 11 Ultra is Xiaomi’s top-spec’d phone for 2021. It looks to tackle the shortcomings of its lesser sibling, the Mi 11, thanks to a wholly different and dramatically more useful camera configuration. More importantly, it aims right at Samsung’s marquee smartphone, the Galaxy S21 Ultra.

Is the Xiaomi Mi 11 ultra worth buying in Australia?

At that price, the Mi 11 Ultra is more expensive than the Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra or iPhone 12 Pro Max - well, in the UK at least, but in Australia its cheaper than those phones, and the overall price conversion is definitely in Australias favor.

What is Mimi 11 ultras cooling system?

Mi 11 Ultra is the first smartphone to feature a solid-liquid-gas phase cooling system. The thermal conductivity is improved by 100% compared to thermal paste. The large vapor chamber plate efficiently dissipates heat at all times.

What is the difference between Xiaomi Mi 11 and Samsung Galaxy S21 Fe?

Here we compared two flagship smartphones: the 6.81-inch Xiaomi Mi 11 (with Qualcomm Snapdragon 888 5G) that was released on December 28, 2020, against the Samsung Galaxy S21 FE 5G, which is powered by Qualcomm Snapdragon 888 and came out 12 months after.

Should I buy the Samsung Galaxy S21 plus or Xiaomi Mi 11?

NFC, GSM network support, and some other specs can be different depending on the country. If the battery life, camera, connectivity, design, and sound are more important to you, then choose the Samsung Galaxy S21 Plus. But if the display is more of a priority – go for the Xiaomi Mi 11.

How big is the Xiaomi Mi 11 compared to the Samsung Galaxy?

The Mi 11 has dimensions of 164.3 x 74.6 x 8.1mm and a weight of 196g, so in all departments its more of a beast than the Samsung phone at 151.7 x 71.2 x 7.9mm and 169g.

Is the Samsung Galaxy S21 worth it?

This phone made my life easier. Since I was moving from the samsung galaxy s7 edge to the samsung galaxy s21 is amazing. The display is 1440p, which is perfect. It has a 3880 mah battery, which is pretty decent. 3 cameras for all types of shooting and many more.

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