Barca velha 2008

barca velha 2008

What makes Barca Velha so special?

Barca Velha is the basis upon which Casa Ferreirinha ́s reputation has grown, the latter being the quality brand in the Douro and one of its main world-wide standard-bearers. Barca Velha is declared only in truly exceptional years (17 in all). Barca Velha 2008 has a bright red, deep and very intense hue.

What is the color of barraca Velha 2008?

Barca Velha 2008 has a bright red, deep and very intense hue. The prevailing aromas are those of very ripe fruit (blackberry, plum, cassis), flowers (violet), spices (vanilla, pepper), balsam (cedar) and aromas made more complex through evolution in the bottle, such as pharmacy and iodine.

What is the best year for Barca Velha?

Barca Velha is declared only in truly exceptional years (17 in all). Barca Velha 2008 has a bright red, deep and very intense hue.

What happened to the 2008 Vintage?

It is also worth mentioning that much of the 2008 vintage would suffer in the wake of the 2008 global recession, which heavily disrupted the financial world. In Europe, the growing season was cooler than usual, resulting in a ...

What is a Barca Velha?

Barca Velha is a mythical wine, the first Portuguese table wine to acquire an international reputation. Fernando Nicolau de Almeida, Casa Ferreirinha’s enologist, adapted the techniques used to produce vintage ports to make superlative table wine.

Why is Barca Velha wine filtered before bottling?

So as to preserve the highest quality, it was subjected to filtration only before bottling. The name Barca Velha (Old Boat) is associated with a (n old) boat which in those days crossed the Douro, near the farms where the wine was produced.

How many times has Barca Velha been produced?

Since then, Barca Velha has been produced only 12 times, when the sun and the clouds joined forces to create exceptional grapes. How did Nicolau de Almeida decide whether a vintage merited the Barca Velha name?

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How old is Barca Velha wine?

Barca Velha has never been released before it is seven years old, and it isn’t made every year. When the 1952 Barca Velha was released, it was a great success. The wine was also made in 1953, 1954 and 1957. It quickly became famous.

What makes Barca Velha so special?

Pioneer and innovative, Barca Velha is since 1952 the unquestionable symbol of the highest quality of Douro wines. Classic, intense, complex, elegant and rich, adjectives are few to describe the 19 harvests announced to date at the throughout its 67 years of history.

How many Barca Velha are there in the world?

Today Quinta da Leda, with its 160 hectares of vines, provides the fruit that is meticulously blended to create Barca Velha, of which only 19 vintages have been released since the 1952, released in 1957.

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