How to make Limoncello?

STEP 1: Wash the lemons and gently peel them with a potato peeler. Make sure to remove only the yellow part, otherwise the white pith will make the Limoncello bitter. STEP 2: Place the peels in the jar, then pour the alcohol and stir.

How do you serve a Limoncello Martini?

Serve it in a champagne glass with frozen raspberries, and garnish it with a sprig of mint and a lemon slice. Alternatively, make a limoncello Martini by mixing 1 fluid ounce of limoncello with 1.5 fluid ounces of vodka and 1 tablespoon of lemon juice in an ice-filled shaker. Strain the mixture into a martini glass and garnish with a lemon slice.

Is Limoncello good for You?

There are many claims that limoncello is a healthy beverage thanks to the natural properties of lemon. For instance, it may be suggested that lemons are a natural appetite suppressant so they can help you lose weight.

What makes Dolce Cilento Limoncello so special?

This multi-award-winning limoncello is about as fresh as they come. Amalfi lemons are infused within two hours of harvest to maximise flavour and combat sourness. The complex palate hints at nutmeg and vanilla alongside the usual juicy lemon flavours for a very clean and refreshing tipple. Read our full Dolce Cilento limoncello review.

What is limoncello and why is it so popular?

Limoncello’s international acclaim has inspired a variety of similar beverages. The practice of macerating fruit in alcohol is arguably as old as distillation itself as it used to be one of the best ways to preserve it. However, until the commercialisation of limoncello, it didn’t have a name and heritage nor did it have a market.

Is it safe to drink unopened Limoncello?

While its still ok to drink, as in not repulsive, it does become insipid after about 2 years on the shelf. It loses a lot of the lemon-y flavor it once had. That just leaves you with simple syrup and high-octane liquor. Whether the limoncello is opened or unopened (mine above was opened) doesnt really matter.

Can you drink Limoncello on the rocks?

I sometimes drink limoncello on the rocks to keep it ice cold for longer once it exits the freezer. However, it usually binds the ice to the glass and if you wait too long it will of course start to dilute your carefully balanced limoncello. If you must, a better solution is to use whiskey rocks which tend to have neither of those problems.

What is the best shot glass to drink Limoncello?

For most folks, an elegant shot glass will also do the trick. I prefer taller shot glasses that are crystal clear. They look elegant and allow you to appreciate the color of the limoncello, which is one of the factors to appreciate in this liqueur. It’s a lovely yellow color.

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