Casa guedes menu

casa guedes menu

Whats new at Casa Guedes?

In the second edition of the festival in Porto, Casa Guedes joins the festival´s gastronomic offer. In 2019, we marked the beginning of a tradition that is renewed, with the opening of a new space in Praça dos Poveiros, with the usual flavors.

What are some of the best things to eat at Guedes?

We had a taste of a large portion of the menu, but my personal recommendations:l are: Chef Guedes sandwich, Pastel pernil, Gizzard stew. The Papa de sarrabulho soup was also hearty and filling. Highly recommended if you are in the market for cheap, cheerful, local snack-type cuisine and petiscos at brunch, lunch, or dinner.

Who are the Guedes snack bar?

In 1987, the Correia brothers acquire the “Snack Bar Guedes”. They initially worked with a menu consisting of cheap meals, roasted pork shank, hot dogs and francesinhas. The roast pork leg starts to become popular with the people of Porto.

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