Bubble football

bubble football

What is the point of Bubble football?

Bubble football follows the same objectives and overall rules as regular football (i.e., teams compete to hit a ball into the opposing teams goal) with the added condition that each player must wear an inflatable bubble, similar to a water ball, around their upper torso.

How long does a bubble football game last?

Each bubble football match will last for a duration of 10 minutes. This will be split into two halves with a half time break which will be five minutes’ long. The playing time will be halted by the referee if a longer interception is expected. Extra time can only be added on if the score remains equal.

Can I hire Bubble football in the UK?

We allow you to hire bubble football in the UK at the cheapest price! You can do so for all types of events, whether its a stag-do, kids party, a corporate event day out or social fun with friends and families. This enjoyable game will not disappoint you.

What are the different types of Bubble football?

There are also many variations of bubble football, such as bubble bowling, bubble sumo, bubble soccer, and airball soccer. Bubble football was first created in Norway by Henrik Elvestad and Johan Golden in 2011, when it made an appearance on their TV show, Golden Goal. The game was spread in the UK by Lee Moseley who self-financed.

What is Bubble football?

Bubble football, or Bubble Soccer,is the recreation/sport of playing football while half-encased inside an inflated torus bubble, similar to a zorb, which covers the player’s upper body and head. This game is typically played in teams in large indoor spaces or outdoor fields.

What is the bubble route in football?

Coaching Points for the Bubble Route. The Bubble Route may be one of the most frustrating routes in football. It looks like it is a very simple route that gets quick players the ball in space. Because the bubble is considered an extension of the run game, it must be completed over 80% of the times it is thrown in order for it to be effective.

How do you defend the bubble in football?

This means that the receiver’s route must be run full speed in a race to the sideline so the overhang player must fly out of the box if he is going to defend the bubble. The receiver’s first three steps are going to decide how successful the route is.

What are the rules of Bubble football?

The opposing team still have the right to defend their goal after the final whistle has been blown. The bubble football pitch mimics the size of that of an indoor soccer game with the minimum measuring 15m x 23m and a maximum of 25m x 33m. The goal nets should not be fixed on the floor as they must be raised when there is a substitution of players.

Varsity football quarters can last for about 12 minutes. On the other hand, junior varsity football quarters usually last for around ten minutes and may go up to 12 minutes. How long is a high school football halftime?

Where can I play Bubble football in the UK?

The venues for playing the sport can be suggested by YOU, which means you can hire our zorball equipment for use in your local sports centre or outdoor area. If youre purely looking for bubble football in London, UK then please visit our sister company London Bubble Football .

How many players are there in a bubble football team?

Normally, each team have about five players. In United Kingdom, about twenty two clubs can organise the bubble football competitions. BubbleFootballShop.co.uk has been dedicated to the selling of Bubble Football, Zorbing ball, bubble tent, foot dart board, archery tag equipment etc. since its creation in 2014.

Who are the North West’s best bubble football event providers?

The North West’s #1 Bubble Football, Tag Archery and Dodgeball event provider. The fun doesnt just start with Bubble Football. We provide, Tag Archery, Dodge Ball and a variety of Combination Events with our team of trained event coaches. We organise Bubble Football parties all over the the North West and Midlands.

What is a bubble soccer team?

Bubble soccer is a new and popular sport around Europe. It was born in Norway and are being expanded to every countries around the world. There are no specific roles in the game, players just need to wear the bubble football suits, crash each other and shoot at the goal to win the competition. Normally, each team have about five players.

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