Elden ring map locations

elden ring map locations

How does Elden Ring’s map fill in?

Elden Ring ’s map fills in as you collect map fragments at stelae (or steles) along the roadside. Each new region you explore will have one or more map fragments to find. Elden Ring map fragments stelae. Each new region of Elden Ring you explore will have one or more map fragments to collect that will reveal the overworld map.

How do you get the leyndell map fragment?

To get the Leyndell, Royal Capital Map Fragment, hop on Torrent and charge up the massive staircase in the southeastern part of the region, past all the enemies and the two Tree Sentinels guarding the door. The Guide Stele and Map Fragment, as well as a Site of Grace and two Golden Seeds, are located directly through the door.

Where can I find the map fragments in the lands between?

Elden Ring features an expansive map that is not filled in by default, and youll have to find various Map Fragments at Map Steles in each region of the Lands Between to uncover the entire map - which include both overworld and underground regions. This page contains a list of all the map fragments you can find and unlock in the game.

How do I get the caelid map fragment?

The Caelid Map Fragment is one of the tougher ones to get, as its surrounded by massive crow-like enemies that have lots of health and dish out strong damage. We recommend using your mount, Torrent, to obtain this Map Fragment since you can use him to quickly run in and then run out.

How to unlock the full map in Elden Ring?

To reveal the full map in Elden Ring, you have to find map fragments. Each sub-section of The Lands Between can be “unlocked” with a map fragment that is located in a specific location. When I say “unlocked” I mean “displayed with its full details. Even while you don’t see the full data on your map, you can still almost freely roam around.

What is the Elden Ring region?

This is the first region of The Lands Between – the territory where Elden Ring’s story takes place. Unlike with other games, in Elden Ring you have access to the map from the very beginning.

How to survive Elden Ring’s long journey?

This is a typical part of Elden Ring ‘s gameplay loop (and it’ll happen multiple times throughout the 60+ hour journey), so don’t feel bad if something is giving you trouble. Pick a new direction on the map, gather some Runes, and come back when you’re ready. Equip Load is a crucial stat for your survival.

How does the questing system work in Elden Ring?

The questing system in Elden Ring is typical for the Souls games in that you do not have a notepad or a journal. You can use markers to remind you of what you need to do and where. For example, place markers for a vendor you have just discovered or a new boss you need to return to defeat later because right now it one-shots you.

Where can I find map fragments?

There are three different Map Fragments found at Steles across the Liurnia regions of West Liurnia, North Liurnia, and East Liurnia:

Where can I find map fragments in Elden Ring?

There are three different underground regions in Elden Ring that have multiple map fragments you can find, including the Siofra River, Ainsel River, Lake of Rot, Deeproot Depths, and Moghwyn Palace:

How do I get the liurnia West map fragment?

To get the Liurnia, West Map Fragment, youll need to travel up along the regions western road towards Caria Manor. There arent any enemies near the Guide Stele, so you should be able to get the Map Fragment without any trouble.

How do I see the full map for each region?

Before you can see the full map for each region, however, youll need to obtain a map fragment. With the one exception of Siofra River, map fragments are found at pillars with glowing text, and you can even see these pillars on the map before youve unlocked the fragment if you uncover enough of the foggy blankness by exploring.

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