My carris

my carris

What is Carris health?

Carris Health is an innovative health care system committed to reinventing rural health care in West Central and Southwest Minnesota. Carris Health was formed in January 2018 and is part of CentraCare Health.

Who is CentraCare/Carris health?

In the heart of Minnesota, we are your neighbors, friends and family - a community of 12,000 employees here to care for you. We are CentraCare / Carris Health. We know that nothing is more important than your health and the health of your family. And we promise to never lose sight of why we’re here. You. Our promise is to listen to you.

What is mycarrier TMS?

MyCarrier TMS empowers LTL shippers to quote, book, and track freight in less time, and for less money, through one easy-to-use integrated shipping platform. My Carrier

How do I load tickets onto my Carris card?

To get your card and load prepaid tickets onto it, go to any CARRIS network sales point or the other participating transport operators. After this period, you have to get a new card. If you still have tickets loaded on it, you can request the balance to be transferred to your new card.

What is mycarrier TMS pro?

MyCarrierTMS Pro augments our basic package with key capabilities needed by shippers, adding cross-departmental capabilities, such as internal operations needs, invoice audit, and ERP integration. It also provides support for multiple locations and non-partner carrier automation. Do I Have to Purchase a MyCarrier TMS Pro Subscription?

What is a TMS and how does it work?

A TMS allows companies to automatically audit each carrier invoice and easily pay carriers. Benefit: When it comes to finances, a TMS simplifies and streamlines the payment process for both shippers and carriers by providing access to freight audits, invoices, payments and cost performance analytics.

What are the different types of mycarriertms?

MyCarrierTMS is available in four packages: MyCarrierTMS, our carrier-sponsored and optimized LTL/FTL shipping platform and MyCarrierTMS Pro. MyCarrierTMS Pro augments MyCarrierTMS with key capabilities needed by shippers to optimize internal operations, adding such things as invoice audit, ERP integrated, VICS BOL, and more.

How do I load tickets onto my Smartcard? It’s easy to load your ticket directly onto your Smartcard using the c2c Train Travel app. You’ll then be ready to travel contact-free straight away. All you need to do is: iOS users tap the burger menu on the top right corner of your app screen and select Read Smartcard from the list.

How do I use my smartcard at the station?

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