What is FileZilla?

FileZilla is a free and open-source, cross-platform FTP application, consisting of FileZilla Client and FileZilla Server. Clients are available for Windows, Linux, and macOS, servers are available for Windows only. Both server and client support FTP and FTPS (FTP over SSL/TLS ), while the client can in addition connect to SFTP servers.

What is the difference between FileZilla Server and FileZilla Client?

FileZilla Server is a sister product to FileZilla Client. It is an FTP server supported by the same project and features support for FTP and FTP over SSL/TLS. FileZilla Server is currently available only on the Windows platform. FileZilla Server is a free, open-source FTP server. Its source code is hosted on .

How do I configure FileZilla to work with an FTP server?

By default you dont have to configure FileZilla, so you can start directly working with the program. To connect to an FTP server, enter the address of the server into the host field of the Quickconnect bar (e.g. - see image below). If it is a special server type like an SFTP server, add the protocol in front of the address.

What is the latest stable version of FileZilla Server?

The latest stable version of FileZilla Server is Please select the file appropriate for your platform below.

How to configure FileZilla Server?

How to Configure Filezilla Server. After Filezilla Server installation, its time to configure your FTP Server. Step 1. Create FTP Users. 1. From the main menu go to Edit > Users. * * Note: If you want to create several users to access your FTP Server, with the same permissions, then choose Groups. 2.

Does FileZilla work with SFTP or FTPs?

SFTP or FTPS can be used for encrypting FTP communications, and it’s easy to setup FileZilla to work with SFTP or FTPS. If you have a third party firewall or anti-virus program, be sure that the port you’ve chosen to run your FTP server on is allowed through it.

How to add FTP account in FileZilla site manager?

If you don’t know the password to the FTP account, reset it by pressing the Change account password button. In case you need a new account for some reason, simply scroll down and Create a New FTP Account. 2. Adding a Site to FileZilla Site Manager Open FileZilla and access Site Manager.

How to host an FTP server on a Windows computer?

How to Host an FTP Server on Windows with FileZilla 1 Securing Your FTP Server. Along with configuring the user (s) with a strong password, there are a few settings within FileZilla that you can configure to further secure your new ... 2 Windows Firewall Exception. ... 3 Mapping the FTP Share on another Computer. ...

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