Libreria bertrand lisboa

libreria bertrand lisboa

What is Livraria Bertrand?

Today, Livraria Bertrand is a chain with 50 branches throughout Portugal. Livraria Bertrand Chiado is not only old, it’s also very big. The bookshop has several rooms named after Portuguese authors, with bookcases dedicated to their work.

Where is the Bertrand Bookstore in Lisbon?

The Bertrand bookstore is down the street from the Baixa-Chiado metro station (on the blue or green line -- exit to the Chiado side). You may ride the metro (as well as the city’s trams, buses, funiculars and trains) for free with the Lisboa Card .

How many books are there in the Lisbon library?

One of the most enjoyable things about exploring Lisbon has been uncovering the existence of some of the finest book housing spaces in the world. Not long ago I made a day of exploring the Mafra National Palace Library; an enchanting space seemingly out of a fairytale that houses 36,000 books in Lisbon.

How old is the Bertrand Bookstore in Lisbon?

The Bertrand Bookstore in Lisbon was officially opened to the Portuguese public back in 1732. If you do that math you’ll realize that this bookstore has been in business for almost 300 years.

What is a Bertrand Bookstore?

The Bertrand bookstore opened in Portugal in 1732, in Chiado and has held, since April 2010, the Guinness World Record for oldest bookstore still in activity. More than a bookstore, it has gained reputation as a privileged spot for “tertulia”, functioning almost as a book club.

What is the bertrandcírculo group?

2010 – The Groupo Porto Editora acquires the Direct Group, constituted by Editora Bertrand, Distribuidora Bertrand, Livrarias Bertrand and Círculo de Leitores. With this acquisition, the BertrandCírculo Group gets formed.

How many libraries are there in Portugal?

Unite! The Universidade de Lisboa Libraries include 59 Libraries and Documentation Centers, with a total of 198.876 registered readers, and occupy an area of about 35.000m2, geographically spread throughout the city of Lisbon.

What are the best bookstores in Lisbon?

Livraria Ferin, which has the look and feel of an older bookstore than Bertrand, is the second oldest bookstore in Li... 3. Biblioteca Nacional de Portugal 4. Biblioteca Palacio Galveias

What is the Lisbon Book Fair?

The Lisbon Book Fair is one of the oldest cultural festivals held in the capital of Portugal. It was inaugurated in the 1930s, and its traditional location is the Eduardo VII Park (Parque Eduardo VII), the largest park of Lisbon, which is located in the vicinity of the monumental Praça Marques de Pombal.

Is it easy to read English in Lisbon?

There are plenty of native English speakers in Lisbon, and Portugal has a tradition of reading in the original language, which means lots of choice for English-language literature at decent prices. Finding books in English in Lisbon isn’t too difficult, and the number of stores selling English-language books keep growing.

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