Tuk tuk lisbonne

tuk tuk lisbonne

Why choose tuk tuks in Lisbon?

The Tuk Tuks have long since established themselves in the city of Lisbon and that is a good thing. These fun new kind of transportation will allow you to discover the city of Lisbon from every angle. Most of the drivers love the city of Lisbon, the contact with the people and will make you have a great time.

What is tuk tuk Tejo?

Tuk Tuk Tejo is a new way of seeing, feeling and living the city. We offer our clients a fun, eco-friendly and personalized way of getting to know Lisbon. WHY CHOOSE TUK TUK TEJO TO VISIT LISBON?

What is a tuk tuk tour?

Some Tuk Tuk focus on the discovery of gastronomy, others on the discovery of certain areas of Lisbon such as Belem or Alfama, others ecological will offer you electric Tuk Tuk tours, others will take you to taste the best Lisbon wines or see the most popular monuments.

What is an eco tuk tuk?

Eco Tuk Tuk are silent and can take you to the bests views and history. Urban Adventure on board of a Tuk Tuk! Have fun in an Urban Adventure! On board a TUK TUK, with the help of our guides, you can go to all parts of the city, take photos and get to know history, legends and secrets of Lisbon in a fun way!

How much does a tuk tuk cost in Lisbon Portugal?

To ride a Tuk Tuk in Lisbon, prices can vary. In my case, the fare was reasonable – 5 euros per person in a group of 3. You can negotiate the price with Tuk Tuk drivers before you choose to take the ride. In the video below, I share what it is like to ride a Tuk Tuk in Lisbon and a few more ways to get around Lisbon Portugal.

What is a tuk tuk tuk?

Tuk Tuks are one of the many ways to get around when traveling to Lisbon Portugal. Luckily my first ride on a Tuk Tuk in Lisbon was a great experience with a helpful Tuk Tuk driver named Rita who was like our very own tour guide.

What to do in Portugal with a tuk-tuk?

As well as the popular Alfama tour, tuk-tuks also travel out to Belem and Belem Tower, the Monument of the Discoveries and Jeronimos Monastery as well as the Parque Das Nações, the Oceanarium and Lisbon Casino. You can also plan your own tour with many companies in vehicles that usually seat 3 or 6 passengers.

What are the best places to take a tuk tuk?

The most popular destinations are the hilltops of Alfama and Graça, with the viewpoints of Senhora do Monte and Portas do Sol often turning into a tuk tuk parking lot. Locals hate them, but tourists love them.

What is tuk-tuk fun tours?

Tuk-Tuk Fun Tours is a Portuguese tour operator that offers sightseeing tours in Lisbon in a trendy transportation: the three-wheeled cabin cycle (also called tuk tuk or auto rickshaw). We believe that our city is full of charm and one of the most beautiful in the world.

What is local tuk tuk?

Local Tuk Tuk is a company that specializes in sightseeing tours operating in Lisbon and Madrid. We offer a unique and unforgettable experience to all our customers through a service of excellence.

What is the tuk tuk Montenegro tour?

“Tuk Tuk Montenegro guides you through the valleys of Montenegro in a fun and informative way. The tour is well created and brings you to hidden gems all over the place.

How much does a tuk tuk tour cost in Chicago?

Tuk Tuk Chicago offers affordable and FUN tours of Chicago. 2 hour Chicago city tours start off at just $45 per person to see all the iconic sites around town. Chicago food tours complete with an: appetizer, entree, dessert, and “nightcap” are available on private tours that range from 1-3 hours.

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