Cc pgdl

cc pgdl

What is a PGDL course?

Our Postgraduate Diploma in Law (PGDL) is a law foundation course where you learn to think like a lawyer and prepare for the realities of life in legal practice.

What is the difference between PGDL and LPC?

The Postgraduate Diploma in Law is awarded by BPP University and is recognised as completion of the academic stage by the SRA and BSB. When you have passed your PGDL, youre guaranteed a place on our LPC, the next step to becoming a solicitor.

How long does it take to study PGDL?

Face-to-face PGDL classes are taught on two set days per week during the core teaching term, at the following centres, Birmingham, Bristol, Cambridge and Liverpool. You can start in January or September. For full-time study, both options take nine months.

Is the PGDL course eligible under the extended non-means-tested Loan Scheme?

This course is one of the eligible courses under the Extended Non-means-tested Loan Scheme administered by the Student Finance Office (SFO), Working Family and Student Financial Assistance Agency (WFSFAA). Our PGDL is also a recognised qualification for admission into PCLL in Hong Kong. Request information?

Why choose our PGDL course?

Our PGDL offers you a great chance to make the transition into legal study with excellent levels of support and guidance from our experienced, professional tutors. Not only will you learn the academic law necessary for converting to law, but you will also focus on key skills and competences crucial for your development as a lawyer.

What happens after the GDL course?

What happens after the GDL? GDL stands for the Graduate Diploma in Law. This is a year-long full-time mandatory course for all graduates who didn’t study a qualifying LLB degree. If you’re a non-law graduate who has heard their calling to a law career, then you will have to be up-to-speed about this essential qualification.

What is the GDL course comparison table?

Our GDL course comparison table helps you compare a variety of GDL providers and GDL universities, their locations and tuition fees so you can select the right law school for your studies. Where can you study the GDL? What should you bear in mind? What Is a Legal Secretary? How Hard Is the GDL?

What is the difference between PGDL and LLB law?

While the LLB Law program in the UK lasts 3 years, the PGDL can be completed in one year, full-time (or two years, part-time).

So if you’ve reached this article, you’ll perhaps know by now that the SQE is set to replace the GDL and LPC in autumn 2021. But what exactly are the differences between the two routes?

Why did you choose the GDL?

How long does it take to get a GDL degree?

How long does it take to get a GDL degree? Typically, a GDL study program lasts for one year of full time study. If you’re engaged in other activities, for example working, GDLs in UK are also taught part-time. In that situation, your study program will take at least two years of study to complete.

What is the PGDL course?

BPP University Postgraduate Diploma in Law (PGDL) is the conversion course for any degree graduates who want to qualify as either Solicitors or Barristers. Progress onto our LPC or SQE preparation to become a solicitor, or our BTC to become a barrister.

Why study PGDL at BPP?

BPP University Law Schools PGDL is a leading-edge law programme that using machine learning technology to provided tailored learning experiences for individuals. On our PGDL, you will learn like a lawyer from the outset, with teaching by experienced solicitors and barristers.

How long does the BPP PGDL programme take?

If you start part-time in September the programme takes two academic years. With the BPP PGDL, youre given access to an unrivalled range of additional modules, designed to get you ahead and give you the edge in interviews. Highlights include:

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