Easy parking

easy parking

How does EasyPark work in Como?

With EasyPark, you only pay for the time you actually use. Car sharing “e-vai” to move around. 24/5 pick up at Como Nord Lago train station, via Bertinelli. Reservations on e-vai website. More information at 800.77.44.55

How to find a place in a multistorey car park?

Real time monitoring app to find a place in one of the 7 multistorey car parks in town. The app suggests the easiest way to the nearest multistorey car park. The app displays also info about Comos bike sharing stations and public transportation. With EasyPark, you only pay for the time you actually use.

Why choose Cosmo parking at Belfast International?

Cosmo saves you time. Cosmo parking is the most convenient parking at Belfast International. We are the closest off-airport car park to the airport – just a 1 minute transfer or short stroll from check-in.

How do I see the time on EasyPark parking?

The EasyPark Parking app or mobile web session screen shows the start and end times of your parking session. Additionally, a countdown timer will show the remaining amount of time to your current parking session at any point in time. How do I pay for parking using EasyPark Parking?

What is the convenience fee for EasyPark parking?

When parking time is purchased through EasyPark Parking, an ​20-cent convenience fee applies to each transaction. EasyPark Parking will inform you of the convenience fee and you will be asked to confirm a transaction before you are charged. Where is EasyPark Parking offered?

Can I use EasyPark parking on my iPad?

OS users can download the EasyPark Parking app on their iPad, but a valid mobile phone number is still required to create an account and use the app. Android users cannot download the app on a tablet at this time due to limitations within the Android platform. How do I extend my parking with EasyPark Parking?

How long is the transfer to Belfast Cosmo airport parking?

Belfast Cosmo airport parking is only a 2 minute transfer to the Belfast Airport terminal. Cosmo is rated, on average, 9.2 out of 10 by 32 Airparks customers. You can find the full reviews on our Belfast Cosmo Parking reviews page.

How do I book The car park at Belfast International Airport?

To book the car park head to the Cosmo Airport Parking website. Cosmo Parking at Belfast International Airport is a great value off-airport parking option. Although an off-airport car park, the Cosmo Parking transfers only a couple of minutes to transport you to the airport.

Can I Park my Car at Cosmo airport?

The car park can not accept lorries, vans or trailers. You can only use Cosmo parking if you are flying from Belfast International airport. When you arrive: Stop outside reception and hand over your keys, then hop on the transfer bus. Itll be at the terminal in two minutes while your car is parked for you.

How much does it cost to book a Belfast airport lounge?

Book a Belfast International Airport lounge from as little as £21.99 per person. Start your journey fresh, invigorated and well-fed. Belfast International Airport hotels at very affordable prices.

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