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robert redford

When was Robert Redford born?

Born on August 18, 1936, in Santa Monica, California, to Charles Robert Redford, an accountant for Standard Oil, and Martha Redford, who died in 1955, the year he graduated high school, Charles Robert Redford Jr. was a scrappy kid who stole hubcaps in high school and lost his college baseball scholarship at the University of Colorado because of ...

Was Robert Redford a divorcee?

Robert Redford was a divorcee from his 27-year marriage when he found love with a woman 19 years his junior, whom he later married. Although he suffered heartbreaks in his previous relationship, everything became worth it because his new wife allowed him to live a new life.

Is Robert Redfords son James Redford a documentary director?

Redfords son James made documentary films, including The Big Picture: Rethinking Dyslexia. His latest film Playing Keeps, which explored the importance of play and downtime in our lives, was given a virtual premiere online at this months Mill Valley Film Festival in California.

Is Robert Redford done with acting?

The 85-year-old Redford himself has gone back and forth as to whether or not hes done with acting—after saying he was finished in 2018, he made a surprise appearance in another movie.

Who is Robert Redfords son James?

LOS ANGELES -- James Redford, a filmmaker, activist and son of actor Robert Redford, has died. He was 58. Robert Redford’s publicist, Cindi Berger, said in a statement Monday that the 84-year-old father is mourning with his family during this “difficult time.”

What did Robert Redford do for a living?

In 2005, he and his father Robert Redford co-founded the San Francisco based nonprofit called The Redford Center that produces films and helps filmmakers by providing them grant money. Redford directed his first documentary, The Big Picture; Rethinking Dyslexia (2012), which was based on the challenges faced by his son Dylan in school.

Who is James Redfords wife Kyle Redford?

Activist and filmmaker James Redford died on Friday after being diagnosed with liver cancer, his wife Kyle confirmed via Twitter. His famous fathers publicist, Cindi Berger, said: The grief is immeasurable with the loss of a child.

Is David Redford living or dead?

David James Redford (May 5, 1962 – October 16, 2020) was an American documentary filmmaker and environmentalist. Redford was born in New York City, the son of historian Lola Van Wagenen and actor-director Robert Redford. He grew up in New York, but spent summers in the Provo Canyon area of Utah, where his family also had a home.

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