Rei dos leitões

rei dos leitões

Who is Rei dos leitões?

In 1992 our Rei dos Leitões first opened its doors in London Ontario. The Vieira family bought the restaurant in 2001 introducing it outside the Portuguese community, who then coined us as King of the Pigs. Soon the restaurant became well known in the city for its unique charcoal-infused chicken and their very own signature sauces.

Is Rei dos leitões the best restaurant in Mealhada?

marvellous Leitão da Bairrada (roasted piglets). Reading web reviews, including TAs that shows Rei dos Leitões as number one choice, I wanted to book a table there. I sent a mail and the owner, answered very politely that they would be on holiday during the period of our visit to Mealhada.

What to eat at Leitão?

The menu features leitão in the traditional style, served with thinly sliced fried potatoes and fresh salad which is seasoned with the best selection of olive oils and vinegars. A huge array of many other traditional Portuguese recipes, finished with a creative twist, can also be an unforgettable gastronomic experience.

Where to eat the best Leitão in Lisbon?

The best we’ve had is from Henrique Sá Pessoa’s stall at Time Out Market. It’s a bit pricey, at €14, but worth it. Sometimes the local Portuguese restaurants also serve leitão as part of a set lunch menu. When it comes to the best cheap eats in Lisbon, the bifana sandwich has to be some of the best food in Lisbon.

What goes well with a Leitão?

If you don’t want a plate of crisps (chips to Americans) with your leitão, go for rice or boiled potatoes instead. There are a couple of different wines that go well with leitão. Espumante, Portugal’s sparkling wine, is commonly served as leitão and espumante are often associated with the same region: Bairrada.

What to eat in Portugal?

While the best way to enjoy leitão, at least the first time, is as a full meal with potatoes or game chips and a salad ( leitão no prato ), leitão also comes in sandwich form ( sandes de leitão ). This is usually a papa seco bread roll (the same bread rolls used for a bifana or a prego ), leitão, and a sauce which is usually a peppery sauce.

What is Leitão and how is it served?

Leitão is often served with what are essentially homemade crisps or very thin game chips (crisps basically), although the most traditional restaurants (particularly in Bairrada) prefer to serve it with boiled potatoes. Some also offer rice.

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