Serie b italia

serie b italia

What is the Serie B?

- Forbes The Serie B is the second-highest football league in Italy. It was created in 1929 and is run by the Lega Nazionale Professionisti B (Italian for National League of Professionals B). The Serie B works under the promotion and relegation system.

How old is Serie B football in Italy?

It has been operating for over eighty years since the 1929–30 season. It had been organized by Lega Calcio until 2010, when the Lega Serie B was created for the 2010–11 season. Common nicknames for the league are campionato cadetto and cadetteria, as cadetto is the Italian for junior or cadet .

What happens if a Serie B team win the Coppa Italia?

Should a Serie B team win the Coppa Italia, it will qualify to feature in the UEFA Europa League group stage and the Supercoppa Italiana in the following season.

Who are Pisa in the Italian Serie B?

This season in the Italian Serie B: Pisa are leading the table in the Italian Serie B and are 4 points clear off Brescia in second position, and 6 points ahead of 3rd-place Cremonese .

What is Serie B in football?

The teams in bold compete in Serie B in the 2021–22 season. This championship was organized by geographical criteria with only Northern Italy Serie B and the best Northern Italy Serie C teams taking part. Southern Italy Serie B teams took part to 1945–46 Serie A.

How many seasons have there been in Serie B?

This is the complete list of the clubs that have taken part in the 87 Serie B seasons played from the 1929–30 season until the 2019–20 season. The teams in bold compete in Serie B in the current season. 61 seasons: Brescia.

Will there be VAR in Serie B in 2021?

The 2020–21 Serie B (known as the Serie BKT for sponsorship reasons) was the 89th season of the Serie B since its establishment in 1929. It started on 25 September 2020 and ended on 10 May 2021. On 5 November 2020, Serie B announced it would use VAR from the second half of the season. However, it was used only on promotion play-off matches.

How many teams are in Serie B 2020?

The 20-team format returned after 16 years, the last time being in the 2002–03 season. The season was scheduled to run from 23 August 2019 to 14 May 2020, though on 9 March 2020, the Italian government halted the league until 3 April 2020 due to the COVID-19 pandemic in Italy. Serie B did not resume play on this date.

How does the Supercoppa Italy final work?

If the same team wins both the Serie A and Coppa Italia titles in the previous season, the Supercoppa is contested by the Serie A winner and the Coppa Italia runner-up, in essence becoming a rematch of the previous years Coppa Italia final.

Who won the Serie A and Coppa Italia this year?

Winners Year Serie A winners Result Coppa Italia representatives Scorers 2018 Juventus 1–0 Milan Ronaldo 2019 Juventus 1–3 Lazio Dybala; Luis Alberto, Lulić, Cataldi 2020 Juventus 2–0 Napoli Ronaldo, Morata 2021 Internazionale Juventus 19 more rows ...

What happens if Roma and Napoli win the Coppa Italia?

If either team win the Coppa Italia, then the fifth- and sixth-placed clubs in Serie A would qualify for the group stage of the Europa League, and the seventh-place team would play in the qualification round. If the Serie A season ended today, Roma and Napoli would qualify for the group stage and Milan would play in the qualification round.

How does the Coppa Italia affect the Europa League?

Based on Serie A’s UEFA coefficient ranking, the Italian association will have three representatives in the Europa League: the winner of the Coppa Italia and the two clubs that finish highest in Serie A that do not qualify for the Champions League (i.e. fifth and sixth). What happens if Juventus or Inter win the Coppa Italia? Regulation 3.04.

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