Amazfit gtr 2e

amazfit gtr 2e

What is the difference between the Amazfit GTR and GTR 2e?

The Amazfit GTR 2e is the lighter version of the Amazfit GTR 2, but both look similar out of the box. When comparing the Amazfit GTR with GTR 2e, the significant difference is in features but not in its design or appearance. It is also true that fewer features mean that less price and longer battery life!

How long does the Amazfit GTR battery last?

Featuring a more sophisticated circuit design, a thinner body, and a high-capacity 471 mAh battery, the watch features an extended battery life which covers you wherever your exercise takes you. Amazfit GTR 2 Typical Use 14 Days Basic Use 38 Days Amazfit GTR 2e Typical Use 24 Days Basic Use 45 Days Intelligent Voice Assistance. Liberate Your Hands.

Is the Amazfit GTS 2e as good as the Apple Watch?

If you’d prefer something with a squarer face that you can try to pass off as an Apple Watch, Amazfit’s GTS 2e is practically identical from a functional point of view, although the battery life isn’t as good.

What is the difference between the GTR 2 and GTR 3?

The difference in the physical size of the aluminum alloy body is minimal and the top button on GTR 3 is a classic crown. Two buttons are located on the right, which can be used in conjunction with the touch-screen to navigate. Similarly, the Pro version was also built the same way but it has a slightly larger frame than the GTR 3 and GTR 2.

What is the best protective film for Amazfit GTR 2 fitness smartwatch?

Global Amazfit GTR 2 Fitness Smartwatch ... For Amazfit GTR 42 47MM Stripe Strap For... Amazfit GTR 2e Smartwatch with Alexa & G... Protective Film Cover For Xiaomi Huami A... 3Pcs TPU Soft Hydrogel Film Screen Prote... 2021 Amazfit GTR 2e Smartwatch 471 mAh 5... 3 Pcs Soft TPU Clear Film Foil Hydrogel ...

Does the Amazfit GTR 2e have Amazon’s Alexa assistant?

Both the GTR 2 and GTR 2e have Xiaomi’s XiaoAI assistant but only the former has support for offline commands. We do not know if the global version of the Amazfit GTR 2e will come with Amazon’s Alexa assistant if and when it is announced in other countries. The two smartwatches packed nearly the same senors but the Amazfit GTR 2e adds ...

Flipping through the UI on the Amazfit GTR and the options it offers comes with a touch of nostalgia. Remember getting a new phone back in the day when phones didnt have a unified UI but relied on custom implementations with hidden features throughout the menus? Yes, these were good times.

What are the features of the Amazfit GTS 2e smartwatch?

The Amazfit GTS 2e has a pretty impressive raft of smartwatch features, though there are some limitations to be aware of. You can choose to receive app notifications and incoming call alerts on the Amazfit GTS 2e, but you can’t respond to text messages, and unlike the original Amazfit GTS 2, you can’t use Bluetooth to answer phone calls.

Can I answer incoming phone calls on the Amazfit GTS 2e?

While it is possible to receive app notifications and incoming call alerts you aren’t able to answer incoming phone calls. The Amazfit GTS 2e has Bluetooth, which it uses to best effect when syncing data with the Zepp app, but you wont be able to make contactless payments using NFC either.

How long does the Amazfit GTS 2e take to charge?

The Amazfit GTS 2e comes with a USB cord and magnetic dock that clips onto the back of the case into so it’s possible to charge it up while you’re working on your laptop. A 50% charge took about an hour, with a 100% recharge unsurprisingly taking about double that time.

How does the GTS 2e compare to the Garmin GTS?

The GTS 2e also records your heart rate throughout the workout (complete with zones), pace, cadence and altitude. The pace recorded by both the Amazfit and Garmin was nearly identical, but heart rate appeared to be lower on the GTS 2e.

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