Iberostar selection royal el mansour

iberostar selection royal el mansour

Where is Iberostar selection Royal El Mansour located?

Iberostar Selection Royal El Mansour is located in Mahdia near the beaches of the Mediterranean Sea. It has an outdoor swimming pool, a Thalassotherapy center and 5-star rooms and suites. Each guest room at the Iberostar Selection Royal El Mansour is air-conditioned and has satellite TV, internet access and a balcony.

Which Iberostar Hotels are suitable for families?

Room types may vary. The Iberostar Selection Royal El Mansour hotel is found on the seafront of the marvellous beach in Mahdia, Tunisia. This 5-star hotel is designed for couples and families with children and it offers everything necessary to spend some days of pleasure, fun and entertainment.

What hotels are excluded from Iberostar selection?

Iberostar hotels in the Americas are excluded. Iberostar Club Boa Vista,Iberostar Saïdia, Iberostar Selection Kuriat Palace,Iberostar Selection Diar El Andalous and urban hotels. FREE CANCELLATION: check here f or cancellation conditions.

Why choose Iberostar for your holidays?

At Iberostar we want your holidays to exceed your most demanding expectations. And, of course, also those of the people you love most: your children. You’ll be sharing one of the most important times of the year with them, so make it an unforgettable family experience.

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