Swing lisboa

swing lisboa

Where to go to a club in Lisbon?

Clubs are plentiful and very busy for a little city compared to other European capitals. Nightclubs are mainly located in three districts : Alcântara (on the docks and in the area), Cais do Sodré (around Nova do Carvalho Street and on the docks) and Santos (on the docks and in the district around Avenida 24 de Julho).

What is the gay pride parade in Lisbon?

A Gay Pride Parade Lisboa (Marcha do Orgulho LGBT) realiza-se no dia 16 de junho e o Gay Pride Lisboa (Arraial Lisboa Pride) acontece no dia 23 de junho. Conta com uma Aldeia Pride com bancas, bares, palco, DJs e pista de dança.

Where to listen to music in Lisbon?

Open in 2006, the Musicbox has become the lung of the Rua Nova do Carvalho and even more : all over the district of Cais do Sodré. This hybrid space, between a bar, a concert hall and a nightclub, has one of the most specialized music program of Lisbon, in terms of DJs and live music.

How is the nightlife in Lisbon?

Like all other sectors Lisbon is also not far behind in nightlife scenes. It has got decent amount of Bars, Clubs and bar restaurants to facilitate the boozers and foodies throughout the night. Be sure to still to the following guide regarding the nightlife of Lisbon to enjoy the premium experience of its nightlife.

What to do in Lisbon during summer months?

During the summer months, the number of events that are designed to keep locals outside skyrocket, even at night. Once Lisbon’s “red-light district,” Rua Nova do Carvalho had a makeover and is now another trendy street filled with a myriad of bars and clubs. It is locally known as Rua Cor-de-Rosa or Pink Street because it is painted pink.

What are the best places to drink in Lisbon?

Open Monday through Thursday from 19.00 to 2.00, from Friday to Sunday from 19.00 to 3.00. Located at Cais do Sodré, District famous for nightlife in Lisbon, the Bom Or Mau And O Vilão (“The good, the bad and the ugly”) is a cocktail bar divided into small spaces. Come here to enjoy a nice drink, live music and performances by djs.

As with any pride celebration, the aim of Lisbon Pride is to bring visibility for local gay, lesbian, bi, trans, queer, and intersex people, and raise pertinent issues that continue to affect the community. Gayout Rating - from 0 ratings. More to share?

Where to listen to African music in Lisbon?

Housed in a renovated warehouse on the Tejo river in Cais do Sodré, B. Leza is Lisbon’s African music institution. The most popular African club in Lisbon, it is the place to listen and dance to artists from Angola, Cape Verde, Mozambique and other countries from the African continent.

Where can I listen to fado music in Lisbon?

He then closed his eyes, summoned his inner demons, and belted out an unaccompanied tune about how much life hurts. Listening to Fado music, a traditional Portuguese style, can be done in various places around Lisbon, but no place has it like the old, maze-like neighborhood of Alfama. You should go there at least one evening.

Where to go dancing in Lisbon?

The Barrio Latino used to be in the district of Parque das Nações ,but has recently moved to the docks of Santos. This nightclub is the place to be if you want to dance to kizomba, salsa, or other Afro-Latin music. 3. B.Leza Housed in a renovated warehouse on the Tejo river in Cais do Sodré, B. Leza is Lisbon’s African music institution.

What are the best jazz bars in Lisbon?

Páginas Tantas is a true jazz bar. It has been soldiering on for two decades in the Rua Diário de Notícias, in the Bairro Alto, always with the same purpose: to provide good moments and good music. The walls surrounding the mini- stage are covered in pictures of the great world jazz stars.

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