Jonah falcon new york

jonah falcon new york

How old is Jonah Falcon?

Jonah Adam (Cardeli) Falcon (born July 29, 1970) is an American actor and television presenter.

Who is Jonah Falcons mother Cecilia Cardeli?

Jonah Adam Julio Cardeli Falcon was born at Greenpoint Hospital in Brooklyn to Cecilia Cardeli, an accountants clerk, and Joe Falcon, a sailor who died two years after Falcons birth.

Who is Falcon’s father?

Falcon has at times claimed that his biological father was porn star John Holmes, who was famous for the size of his penis. Falcon has claimed to have documentation proving this lineage, but family members have dismissed this claim and he has failed to produce any evidence.

How did Falcon get famous?

Falcon gained media attention after appearing in the 1999 HBO documentary Private Dicks: Men Exposed (filmed by Meema Spadola and Thom Powers ), in which 25 males were interviewed in the nude about their penises.

What is the origin of Falcon?

Falcon ( Samuel Thomas Wilson) is a fictional superhero appearing in American comic books published by Marvel Comics. The character was introduced by writer-editor Stan Lee and artist Gene Colan in Captain America #117 (September 1969), and was the first African-American superhero in mainstream comic books,...

Who is Falcon in Marvel?

Falcon (Samuel Thomas Sam Wilson) is a fictional superhero appearing in American comic books published by Marvel Comics.

How did Sam Wilson become the Falcon?

His military nickname, The Falcon, becomes his superhero code name. He avenges his father by beating Master Man, and along with Captain America and Nick Fury, defeats the Red Skull s plans for world domination. In an alternate timeline seen in Avengers: The Childrens Crusade, Sam was succeeded as the Falcon by his daughter Samantha.

How old is Captain Falcon from F-Zero?

In F-Zero GX, Captain Falcon is 37 years old and the sitting champion of the F-Zero Grand Prix, boosting his already high popularity even higher.

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