Delta airlines

delta airlines

What does Delta Air Lines mean?

Delta Air Lines, Inc., typically referred to as Delta, is one of the major airlines of the United States and a legacy carrier. It is headquartered in Atlanta, Georgia.

Does Delta Air Lines fly domestic flights?

Find Delta Air Lines domestic flights available for all of your favorite United States destinations, from small towns, to the big cities, Delta Air Lines can get you there. Convenient flight schedules make it effortless to get where you need to go and arrive on time, all at the right price.

What is Delta Connection Airlines?

Delta Connection was founded in 1984 as a means of expanding the Delta network to smaller markets via partnerships with regional airlines. Atlantic Southeast Airlines (ASA) began Delta Connection service on March 1, 1984, from their hub in Atlanta, and soon had a substantial presence at the Dallas-Fort Worth International Airport.

What is Delta Air Linesslogan?

It is ranked second among the worlds largest airlines by number of scheduled passengers carried, revenue passenger-kilometers flown, and fleet size. It is ranked 69th on the Fortune 500. The company slogan is Keep Climbing. Delta Air Lines history begins with the worlds first aerial crop dusting operation called Huff Daland Dusters, Inc.

What is Delta Connection?

Delta Connection is a regional airline brand name for Delta Air Lines, under which a number of individually owned regional airlines operate short- and medium-haul routes.

How many destinations does Delta Connection fly?

As of December 2018, Delta Connection serves 216 destinations in the United States, Canada, Cuba, and the Bahamas -- of those, 117 are served by multiple Delta Connection flagged airlines, while 129 are also served by Delta mainline flights. Number of Delta Connection destinations, per airline.

Does Delta have regional airline?

Deltas lone wholly owned regional airline, Endeavor Air, also resides under the Delta Connection banner. Mainline carriers often use regional airlines to operate services in order to increase frequency, serve routes that would not sustain larger aircraft, or for other competitive reasons.

What does travel mean to Delta Airlines?

But to us, travel is about more than just bringing people to a place. It’s about bringing people together. All we do at Delta adds up to a more connected world. That’s why nearly 200 million travelers fly up to 300 destinations in 50 countries, with up to 15,000 daily departures, including partner-operated flights.

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