Cfac feup

cfac feup

Why did CFAC change its name?

In January 2011, CFAC became known as Sportsnet Radio Fan 960, the move came as part of a co-branding initiative with its television counterpart Rogers Sportsnet, amid indications that rival TSN was preparing to launch a competing sports radio network, which launched shortly after in Toronto.

Where is FEUP located?

In addition, FEUP’s modern building complex, inaugurated in 2000, at Polo II (Asprela) of the University of Porto, has become an important “incubator” for innovation and knowledge, fuelled by the impressive work done by the research centres that it hosts and their proximity to the business and social milieu. Address: Campus da FEUP.

What does CFAC do to protect farmlands?

Our three main program areas work together to ensure that farmlands are conserved, farming remains a viable livelihood, and all Montanans can equally access nutritious, affordable, locally grown food. To ensure an abundance of locally grown food, CFAC advocates for policies that protect critical agricultural land.

Why study at FEUP?

FEUP is currently one of Portugal’s oldest and most prestigious teaching and research institutions in engineering and related fields, a reputation that is justified by the wide range of high quality training that FEUP offers in all its degrees.

When did CFAC change frequencies?

Like most early radio stations, CFAC changed frequencies a number of times. Under the provisions of the North American Regional Broadcasting Agreement it moved to its current frequency assignment of 960 kHz in early 1941. In 1983, CFAC launched CFHC in Canmore to re-broadcast its programs, a practice that continued until 1992.

Who is the owner of CFAC?

Taylor, Pearson & Carson Broadcasting Co. was formed and soon entered into a management with CFAC’s owner, The Calgary Herald (a Southam Newspaper). The station was a basic affiliate of the Canadian Radio Broadcasting Commission. Harold Carson offered Guy Herbert the post of commercial manager at CFAC. Guy Herbert became manager of CFAC.

Where is CFAC located in Calgary?

Its studios are located on 7th Avenue Southwest in downtown Calgary, in the same building as Rogers other Calgary stations, CFFR, CHFM-FM and CJAQ-FM . CFAC broadcasts with a power of 50,000 watts 24 hours a day on the regional frequency of 960 AM.

What happened to CFAC in Canmore?

In 1983, CFAC launched CFHC in Canmore to re-broadcast its programs, a practice that continued until 1992. In 2001, CFAC dropped the country music format which had been the stations staple for decades and adopted its current sports format, initially as an affiliate of CHUM Limited s The Team sports network.

How can the local government protect farmland?

Local governments may also encourage permanent protection of farmland through the establishment of purchase of development rights programs, conservation easements, or other mechanisms.

What is the purpose of the farmland protection policy act?

The purpose of the Farmland Protection Policy Act (7 U.S.C. 4201 et seq, implementing regulations 7 CFR Part 658, of the Agriculture and Food Act of 1981, as amended) is to minimize the effect of Federal programs on the unnecessary and irreversible conversion of farmland to nonagricultural uses.

What is farmfarmland preservation?

Farmland preservation is a joint effort by non-governmental organizations and local governments to set aside and protect examples of a regions farmland for the use, education, and enjoyment of future generations.

What is “important farmland” under the fppa?

If not, does “Important Farmland,” including prime farmland, unique farmland, or farmland of statewide or local importance regulated under the FPPA occur on the project site? Important Farmland includes prime farmland, unique farmland, and/or land of statewide or local importance. ( 7 CFR 658.2 (a) ).

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