What is Jom?

A brand-new arrival on the Hong Kong dining scene, Jom celebrates the nostalgic foods and flavours of Singaporean cuisine. Make a Reservation Jom is a modern Singaporean restaurant serving local favourites.

What is a Jom restaurant in Singapore?

Jom is a modern Singaporean restaurant serving local favourites. In Malay, Jom means “come, lets go!”. It signifies the bond that our founder built with his father through eating at local hawker stands when he was younger.

What is a Jom tuning blueline?

JOM Blueline Budget Coilovers have been designed and manufactured by one of Europe’s largest performance suspension manufacturers. The JOM Tuning Blueline brand has been developed to compete with numerous budget coilovers currently flooding the market.

What is-jjom?

jom is a clone of nmake to support the execution of multiple independent commands in parallel. It basically adds the -j command line switch similar to GNU make. The original blog post can still be found on the Qt blog . A ZIP file, containing the latest stable build, can be downloaded from the Qt Project servers:

What is unsourced material (Jom)?

Unsourced material may be challenged and removed. JOM is a technical journal devoted to exploring the many aspects of materials, science and engineering published monthly by The Minerals, Metals & Materials Society (TMS) (a member-based professional society).

How to use Jom instead of NMAKE?

@Asperamanca Go to Build & Run on the General page at the bottom there is Use jom instead of nmake checkbox... Thanks for that. Now nmake is called with the mysterious qmake_all option, which it doesnt know what do do about, either. Any ideas on that? @Asperamanca Try to delete the build folder, run qmake and build

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