Parker pen

parker pen

Why choose Parker Pens?

Parker pens are exquisitely crafted fine writing instruments with a rich history of innovation and belief in the importance of the written word. Our experts have dedicated themselves to the art of fine writing, using 130 years of history to develop new Parker pens that reflect modern culture while remaining true to our heritage.

Can you refill Parker Pens?

Experience the pleasure of fine writing with Parker inks and refills. Choose Parker fountain pen ink bottles for refined writing or ink cartridges for a modern, easy-to-use approach. Rollerball ink refills can be switched instantly for a smooth writing experience.

When did the Parker Pen come out?

From the 1920s to the 1960s, before the development of the ballpoint pen, Parker was either number one or number two in worldwide writing instrument sales. In 1931, Parker created Quink (quick drying ink), which eliminated the need for blotting.

What is a Parker vector fountain pen?

The Parker Vector fountain pen is one of Parker Pens’ economical fountain pen lines. A slim, plastic body available in multiple color options makes the Vector an easy sort of “easy choice eggs and bacon” for cheap fountain pens or an addition to an otherwise stacked collection of daily writer fountain pens.

Is Parker a good pen brand?

Parker is one of those pen brands that are recognised by most people around the world . The pens they make are highly reliable and the price range is affordable for almost every one. Let me explain a bit more. Im from India and I have been using parker for almost 14 years and i have used their roller balls and fountain pens.

Why do people like Parker Pens?

Ive had a Parker since I was about 7 (some 14 years ago!). My school told us to get a fountain pen and they recommended Parkers, and they just write so smoothly and the thickness of the nib is great. Plus, some cheaper fountain pens can go a bit scratchy after a while, whereas Parkers seem to have a constant flow of ink.

What is a Parker ball pen made of?

This stunning ball pen is made from black cast resin with 23kt gold plated trim and has been one of the most popular Parker pens since 1921. Presented in a Parker gift box, the Dufold Classic comes with a two-year warranty and a black medium ball pen refill.

Is the Parker fountain pen smooth?

Every parker fountain pen I have used has been smooth and writes reliably straight out of the box. Most foreign brands are not available widely in India and if they are available it would cost very high because they are imported.

When was the Parker Pen Company founded?

So, the Parker Pen Company was born in 1888 in Janesville Wisconsin USA. In 1889 Mr Parker created his first fountain pen and in 1891 found an investor, an insurance broker Mr W. F. Palmer, for his new company. With an initial investment of $1,000, Palmer bought half of Mr Parkers shares in both his patents and the new business.

When was the Parker 51 pen made?

The innovative pen holds more than twice as much ink compared to pens of its time and has a visible ink reservoir. To mark the companys 51st year, the Parker 51 is developed in 1939 and 1940 and launched in 1941. Inspired by Kenneth Parkers passion for aircraft aerodynamics, it appears Like a pen from another planet.

When did the Parker Jotter pen come out?

In 1954 Parker released the Jotter ballpoint pen with its original nylon body and inverted V clip. The Jotter would go on to sell over 750 million units during its history. In 1955, the company introduced its Liquid Lead pencil which used liquid graphite to write like a pen.

When did the Parker Vacumatic pen come out?

The Vacumatic pen is developed together with the now-famous Parker arrow clip designed by Joseph Platt. The innovative pen holds more than twice as much ink compared to pens of its time and has a visible ink reservoir. To mark the company’s 51st year, the Parker 51 st is developed in 1939–1940 and launched in 1941.

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