New world builds

new world builds

What is buildbuilds for New World?

Builds for New World covers an arrangement of character statistics such as skills, feats, specializations, and gear such as weapons and armor that defines a players specific set of playstyle.

What are the different types of builds in New World?

This page covers a list of recommended builds that can be used by various players to test out different playstyles, with frequent updates for New World Build content and ideas for all weapons and roles: PvP builds, PvE builds, Tank Builds, Healer Builds, and more!

What are PvE builds for New World?’s PvE Builds for New World are intended for various types of PvE content such as expeditions and overland PvE! The builds are listed below sorted by weapon and role. There is at least 1 build per weapon type in the game, so you’ll be guaranteed to find a build for your character here!

What is the immortal warrior build?

The Immortal Warrior is The Ultimate Solo Build For New World With Strong Damage And Even Better Healing and Defense! The Primary Weapon for the Immortal Warrior Build is the Hatchet.

What is the best build for New World?

Last on our list of outstanding builds for New World is the Duelist, a precision based build that excels at medium to long range damage, damage over time and maneuverability. Our primary weapon on this build is the long range Musket.

What are weapon builds in New World?

Players who use these types of builds often serve as off-healers or off-tanks while primarily acting as damage dealers. * New World does not feature Classes, but Weapon Builds can still follow the class archetypes known from other RPG settings.

What is the best healer build in New World Online?

This build utilizes two powerful Melee Weapons to dish out some insane damage numbers Light Staff/Hatchet Healer/Support Build - the best PvE Healer setup for New World Online. Obviously, it uses the Light Staff for the heals, and Hatchet for amazing team Utility and debuffs making it the best build for Expeditions, Dungeons, and PvE in general

What is a Templar build in New World?

This is our version of a Templar build for New World, focusing on crowd control, survivability and quick bursts of damage. The main weapon for this build will be the Spear, which is a fantastic and versatile option in New World.

What is the best PvE build in New World?

Here are the best PvE builds to level up in New World for every class. Secondary Weapon: Great Axe or War Hammer Attributes: Strength and Constitution Sword and Shield is one of the most balanced, all-round effective weapons in New World, especially if you’re looking to build your character to become as tanky as the game allows.

What does new world offer in PvE?

Everything about quests, dungeons and world events New World was originally announced as a PvP sandbox MMO with some survival elements. In the meantime, the focus has shifted more and more towards PvE. But what does New World offer for release in PvE? We have summarized all the important points for you. New World offers this content in PvE:

What is the best way to use a PvE build?

The best way to use this build in PVE is to first of all find a group of mobs and then use your live staff and auto attack each mob once then afterwards decide the place or corner where all those maps can stack up to each other super close.

What is the Best New World build for Mage class?

The fire staff and ice gauntlet weapon combination is by far the best DPS highest damage build that you could have in New World and you can use it even for PVP as well. So, if youre looking for the best and highest damage New World build for mage class, these are the weapons for you. 2. New World Hatchet And Life Staff Build For PVE

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