Mama shelter

mama shelter

Why stay at Mama Shelter?

Luxury bedding, rooftop drinks, relaxed and generous dining, free movies and fun-loving staff in vibrant settings. Mama Shelter’s hotels span seven countries and thirteen lively cities – from Los Angeles to London , Belgrade to Paris .

Is Mama Shelter east side or west side?

Mama has chosen both | Mama Shelter East side or West side? Mama couldn’t possibly choose between the three, but she’s made sure her Paris outposts are equally beguiling. Ten years after her first eastern opening in the 20th district, her second hub sprung up in the west, right on the doorstep of Porte de Versailles Expo .

What makes Mama’s home-from-home design unique?

All three combine cutting edge design details with a sense of urban cool. Mama’s very first home-from-home is in the heart of the 20th district, in between old and new, industrial and artistic and a hop away from the famed Père Lachaise cemetery. You’ll find a generous rooftop and bar, a lively restaurant and design-led bedrooms .

What is Mama’s place?

A city that is as beautiful as it is cosmopolitan . Mama’s place is in north-eastern Kirchberg, ten minutes by taxi from the train station, 40 minutes on foot and 15 minutes by car from the city center. playful design nods to both the old and new.

What makes a house plan unique?

This is a unique house plan because it plays with hard vertical lines on its exterior while maintaining cozy functionality inside, making it the perfect family home. Its many windows also provide the space with plenty of warm, natural light, further lending the home to this cozy feeling.

What makes a home a home?

A home is a refuge, a sanctuary, a warm, lively, loving space where kids & pets play, delicious food is prepared (however one chooses to do that) and there is laughter and love and comfort and a respite from the world. Reply Katie @ Refresh Design Studiosays:

What makes a rectangular house unique?

The home is unique in that its rectangular design highly relies on symmetry. That is, the multiple entry points across the home (the garage and two doorways) are roughly the same size, and the three long windows across the front ensure that the plan’s inside and outside spaces seamlessly blend together.

What is a mid-century modern style home?

The particular feature we like about this Mid-Century Modern style home is its unique roofline. While the front of the home (top) has a more typical asymmetrical double-shed sloping roofline, there is an overhang in the back of the home.

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