Ibercup cascais

ibercup cascais

How to get to the ibercup-Cascais?

The IberCup-Cascais is held on the Cascais Coast about 15 km from Lisbon center the Portuguese capital. If you are travelling to Portugal by plane the best easiest way to travel is directly to the Lisbon International Airport that is approximately 15 km from the tournament venues.

What is the ibercup Casais 2022?

CAR-Jamor Residence IBERCUP CASCAIS 2022 The Centro Desportivo Nacional do Jamor (CDNJ)will once again host, between the 13thand 16thof April, several of the games of the IberCup Tournament. The IberCupis currently one of the most important World Youth Football Tournaments in the world.

What is ibercup?

IberCup creates the possibility of any interactions both outside and on the field and this makes IberCup recognized as one of the most international youth soccer competitions in the world.

Where is Cascais located?

Cascais is a coastal town, 20 miles west of Lisbon. It is a cosmopolitan suburb of the Portuguese capital and one of the richest municipalities in Portugal.

What is ibercup ranking system?

Through IberCup ranking everyone will be able to see your potential. All teams, coaches and player will be part of IberCup World Ranking System. Either you are a player or a coach, your performance will be exposed to the world and everyone can see how good you are.

Why choose ibercup as a family member?

If you are a family member, remember that IberCup offers you an attractive range of products with several advantages and specials deals, through our partners which can add an extra comfort to your experience. With this, we create an opportunity for you to have other services associated in our webpage related to your trip.

What is ibercup Estoril 2021?

Teams from five continents gather in Estoril for a Youth Football World Cup. MAKE HISTORY WINNING IBERCUP ESTORIL 2021! IberCup is one of the largest and most international youth soccer tournaments in the world. Participate in this World Cup and play with teams from all over the world.

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