World press cartoon 2021

world press cartoon 2021

Where did the idea of 2020 come from for this cartoonist?

The year was summed up well by Albanian cartoonist, Agim Sulaj, whose drawing of masks in the shape of 2020 won him second prize in the Gag Cartoon category. Sulaj says that the idea to do this drawing came from when he was looking for masks in his home. He found three or four and they were shaped like a zero.

What is the meaning of the World Press Cartoon?

António Antunes, the curator and organiser of the World Press Cartoon describes it as the construction of the world in a lie. All the living forces of society, from military power, to religious power, to judicial power, all share the same lie.

Who won the 16th edition of the World Press Cartoon?

Cultural Digital Printing by Italian Gio wins the 16th edition of the World Press Cartoon.

What is the World Press Cartoon jury?

The jury. Since its inception, the World Press Cartoon has always sought to reward the most relevant cartoons each year, subjecting the best works and authors to the scrutiny of a jury of their peers. We have always had the honor of having several world reference names in the cartoon area as a jury, and this year was no exception.

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