Portugal fc futsal

portugal fc futsal

What is the Portugal national futsal team?

The Portugal national futsal team represents Portugal in international futsal competitions such as the FIFA Futsal World Cup and the European Championships and is controlled by the Portuguese Football Federation . Portugal has played in six FIFA Futsal World Cups.

What happened in the UEFA Futsal Cup?

In the re-issue of the last two UEFA Futsal Cup finals, Sporting CP beat Inter Movistar (4-2) and won the Masters Cup. In Portimão, and with many green and white supporters in the stands, the three-time national champions became the first Portuguese team to win the coveted pre-season trophy.

What is the Portuguese Supercup?

The winners of the 1ª Divisão play the winners of the Portuguese Cup in the Portuguese SuperCup . The Portugal national futsal team represents the whole country in FIFA Futsal World Cup . This article about sports in Portugal is a stub.

How do the Portuguese football teams compete in Europe?

The Portuguese league teams compete in Europe under UEFA, most notably in the UEFA Futsal Cup. The teams also compete in a domestic cup competition each year, called the Portuguese Cup. The winners of the 1ª Divisão play the winners of the Portuguese Cup in the Portuguese SuperCup .

What is the Portuguese Super Cup called in English?

The Supertaça Cândido de Oliveira (Portuguese pronunciation: [ˈsupɛɾ ˈtasɐ ˈkɐ̃didu dɨ oliˈvɐjɾɐ]; English: Cândido de Oliveira Super Cup, or simply Portuguese Super Cup) is an annual Portuguese football match played since 1979 between the winners of the Portuguese league (Primeira Liga) and Portuguese Cup (Taça de Portugal).

What is Portuguese Super Cup 2021/2022?

Portuguese Super Cup 2021/2022 is a Cup Tournament. For Cups, our Top Scorer / Top Assists / Most Clean Sheet statistics include goals and assists that happened during Qualification rounds as well. For this data inclusion decisions like this, our stats for Portuguese Super Cup 2021/2022 may be different from what you see elsewhere.

What is the Super Cup in handball?

Portuguese Handball Super Cup (Portuguese: Supertaça de Portugal de Andebol) is a professional handball competition played between the winners of the Liga Portuguesa de Andebol and the winners of the Cup, or against the finalist of the Cup if the same team win both competitions.

Who is the Benfica Super Cup named after?

The trophy is named after former player, coach and sports journalist Cândido de Oliveira . In the 1943–44 season, the Super Cup was created for a special game between Primeira Divisão champions Sporting CP and Taça de Portugal winners Benfica, on occasion of the inauguration of the Estádio Nacional.

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