Opel astra hybrid

opel astra hybrid

What new features does the 2022 Opel Astra have to offer?

The all-new 2022 Opel Astra is among the first models to get the brand’s evolved design philosophy, which will be further shared with forthcoming Opels. The sixth-generation model of the Opel Astra becomes the first to get a plug-in hybrid powertrain, and in two levels.

What is the new Opel Astra compact?

The Astra compact is the third Opel model to use the brand’s new horizontally oriented “Vizor” grille after the Mokka and Grandland SUVs. Opel is moving the new-generation Astra compact upscale with two levels of plug-in hybrid power, an all-digital dashboard and improved driver-assistance systems.

Should you buy a Vauxhall Astra plug-in hybrid-E?

Jonathan Crouch takes a look. Vauxhalls Astra Plug-in Hybrid-e offers family hatch customers undecided about the switch into full-EV motoring an appealing interim option. Theres a useful 43 mile electric driving range, fashionable looks, fast battery replenishment times and an eager petrol engine for longer trips.

When does the new Opel Astra come out in Ireland?

Later in 2022 a second plug-in hybrid model with 225hp will join the ranks. Irish pricing details will be announced ahead of the cars arrival in June 2022. To say that Opel has upped its game with the Astra would be an understatement.

Will the 2022 Volkswagen Astra be available in petrol and diesel?

The German brand does confirm the 2022 Astra will be available with a choice of petrol and diesel units with output varying from 109 bhp (81 kW) to 221 bhp (165 kW). For the very first time, a plug-in hybrid setup will be available and will come in two configurations.

What are the key features of the 2022 Toyota Astra?

The 2022 Astra also features a unique three-spoke steering wheel and features a tiny shifter incorporated into the transmission tunnel. Among the key options include a Head-Up display and a 360-degree camera.

How does the 2022 Vizor compare to the 2022 Astra?

Like the 2022 Astra, the Vizor front-end imbues the crossover with a very distinct road presence. Again, French platform and powertrain choices – including a 1.2-litre three-pot turbo petrol and EVs for the electrified Mokka-e – bring the baby SUV bang up-to-date, with agile handling and refined ride qualities to match.

Is the new Opel Astra coming to SA?

The new Opel Astra won’t be offered in the European market until early 2022; however, feedback from the local Opel arm suggest that due to the decline in sales of the C segment hatch (buyers are choosing SUVs instead), the new Astra will not be coming to SA.

As a final note, its worth mentioning this will be the final Astra with combustion engines in Europe considering Opel has vowed to go EV-only on the Old Continent by 2028. Got a tip for us? Email: tips@motor1.com

How much does the new Vauxhall Astra plug-in hybrid cost?

The new Vauxhall Astra plug-in hybrid is on sale now, priced from £32,200 and featuring a revised, simpler trim-level structure than before This is the all-new Vauxhall Astra, on sale now in the UK in plug-in hybrid form from £32,200.

Is the Vauxhall Astra PHEV a petrol or electric car?

As with the Peugeot 308 plug-in hybrid, there will eventually be two versions of the Vauxhall Astra PHEV to choose from. Both feature the same 1.6-litre petrol engine combined with a 12.4kW battery, with a 180bhp model initially available and a more powerful 225bhp version (as also in the DS4 E-Tense) joining the range later.

Is the Vauxhall Astra Sports Tourer fully electric?

Along with the traditional petrol and diesel variants, the Astra Sports Tourer will also be available with a plug-in hybrid drivetrain, making this the first electrified estate from Vauxhall. The top-spec HYBRID-e model makes a combined 222bhp from its petrol-electric drivetrain. A fully electric version will follow in 2023.

What kind of battery does the Astra hybrid have?

Our all-new Astra comes in a plug-in hybrid. Experience innovative power. At the heart of the All-new Astra HYBRID-e is a high-voltage 12.4kw capacity battery. Lightweight yet energy-dense, it drives the electric motor. Select Hybrid or Pure Electric Mode.

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